Asian Chicken Salad

Mixed greens, all natural diced chicken, diced red bell pepper, fresh oranges, sliced cucumber, fresh chopped cilantro, toasted almonds, sesame ginger dressing.

$47.99 - $67.99
Caesar Salad

Crisp romaine, rustic sourdough croutons, Parmesan cheese, and caesar dressing.

$31.99 - $52.99
Cobb Salad

Crisp, chiffonade romaine lettuce, blue cheese, crispy applewood smoked bacon, all natural diced chicken, chopped egg, diced tomato, ranch dressing.

$56.99 - $76.99
Spring Salad

Mixed greens, spiced walnuts, feta cheese, dried cranberries, Granny Smith apples, and balsamic dressing.

$47.99 - $67.99
Mixed Greens
Mixed greens, rustic sourdough croutons, tomatoes, carrots, and balsamic vinaigrette.
$31.99 - $52.99
Hello Portobello Group Salad

Roasted portobello mushroom, roasted grape tomatoes, organic shredded kale, chopped romaine, shredded sharp white cheddar, toasted sourdough breadcrumbs, zesty gochujang dressing.

$47.99 - $67.99
Sear-ious Steak Group Salad
  • Description for website: Roasted portobello mushroom, cucumber, sliced tomato, red onion, organic arugula, balsamic dressing, garlic aioli on a Ciabatta roll.
$69.99 - $89.99
Quin-Wow Bowl

All-Natural Chicken Breast, Quinoa, Edamame, Chopped Romaine, Red Bell Pepper, Crisp Cabbage, Carrots, Cucumber, Cilantro, Black Sesame Seeds, Sesame Hummus Dressing. (contains wheat & sesame)

$56.99 - $76.99
Delicious Citrus Bowl

Quinoa, Organic Shredded Kale, Feta Cheese, Sliced Oranges, Crisp Cabbage, House Pickled Onion, Organic Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing. (contains dairy)

$47.99 - $67.99

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